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Parent FAQ's

Thank you for choosing Wee Care Corporation. It is our pleasure to support you and your needs. We would like to share with you some updated information.

It is our mission to reach higher standards of care for our consumer’s and their families. Wee Care strives to offer superior support to the families that we serve. We want our families to feel that they are not alone in their journey. 

Wee Care Corp aims to be an encompassing team of supports available in many areas such as Respite, Habilitation, Attendant Care and Speech/Occupational/Feeding Therapy. 

Once you have matched with a provider you will be assigned and contacted by an HCBS Field Supervisor. They will be your direct contact here at Wee Care and support you in the following:

Attend ISP meetings.

Create Habilitation Programs.

Assist providers in implementing the Habilitation Program.

Oversee provider in the home at least once every 90 days.

If the member receives Attendant Care they will meet with you, provider and the member for the required reviews. At least every 90 days.

Assist you with any concerns you may have with your services or providers.

We look forward to supporting your family. If you are in need of support or additional services, please contact us so someone can assist you. 

For HCBS related Questions or Concerns:

 623-935-6040 - please choose the HCBS option

For Therapy Question or Concerns:

 623-935-6040 - please choose the Therapy option

For All After-Hour Emergencies/Gaps:


Parent FAQ Sheet

We realize that finding a provider can be a challenge in itself. The thought of leaving your loved one with a stranger is so difficult that some parents and guardians choose not to use hours. Here are some helpful tips to help you along your journey to benefiting from the services you have been offered.

Don’t wait! You will be receiving calls, texts or emails from potential providers. It is very important to contact and schedule interviews with these providers as soon as possible. Many providers are calling on several families. We don’t want there to be a delay in matching you with a provider. Please let us know the best way for our providers to contact you- phone, text or email

Interview, Interview, Interview! If you don’t feel comfortable with the provider in the interview, how will you feel comfortable leaving them with your loved one? Interview until you find that great fit! There is a provider for every family! Wee Care truly believes that!

Boundaries are key! Once you have selected a provider it is important to set ground rules. Having a provider in your home can create some tension as they become a member of your family. Set expectations on hours/attendance, communication, appearance, etc.  Let your provider know you would like updates pertaining to progress and or challenges. Make sure your provider understands your beliefs when it comes to your loved one! You have the right to choose or decline services for your loved one. That is not the choice of your provider.

Have you found your provider? Once you have chosen a provider you must call the HCBS Department at Wee Care so we can complete the intake process. You will be contacted by your Field Supervisor here at Wee Care when services can begin with your chosen provider.

Brand New to Services? Still not 100% comfortable? We suggest that you stay home with the provider and your loved one at first --- You can take a nap, take a bath, walk around the block, get some things done around the house or simply read a book until you see how the provider bonds with your loved one. You do not have to leave unless you are comfortable!

Have your provider attend Therapy sessions and ISP’s for your loved one. They are now a part of your team and you want to give them all of the tools you can to help your loved one be successful.

Does Wee Care train their providers?                                               

Yes, each provider must attend several mandatory training classes before they can work with members. They must attend and receive certifications in:

Intro to DDD (includes Cultural Competency, HIPPA, Incident Reporting, etc.)

Habilitation/Positive Behavior Supports

CPR/First Aid

Article 9

Some additional classes include Prevention and Support, Principles of Caregiving Level 1 & Level 2. 

Article 9, CPR/First Aid and Prevention & Support do need to be renewed every 2-3 years.

The members HCBS Field Supervisor will oversee the

providers in the home and assist with any struggles or

questions as far as the services provided at least once every 90 days.

Does Wee Care do any background checks on their providers?

Yes. Each provider must be able to obtain a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card; DCS background check; Central Registry check; Office of Inspector General Check; SAM check

Level 1 Fingerprint is renewed every 6 years. However, we register each provider as being employed through Wee Care so we are notified if there are ever any concerns with their Fingerprint Card.

OIG and Sam checks automatically run every month on each employee


What is Respite?

Respite is a time for parents/guardians to have a much needed break. Providers may attend outings with the family; remain home with your loved one while you are not at home or care for your loved one while you tend to other things at home.

How many hours of Respite can I bill daily?

You may only bill 11.75 hours per day. 

Can respite be done in the provider’s home?

Yes, BUT only if the provider’s home has passed inspection and been certified by the state.

Where can Respite be provided?

Respite can be provided in the family/member’s home and in the community

Can my respite provider care for my loved one while they are in the hospital?

No. If a member is admitted into the hospital, you may not bill any DDD authorized hours. This is considered fraudulent billing.

How many hours per week can I bill?

Respite is a service that is assessed with an annual allotment of hours. The maximum amount of hours per year is 600 hours. That averages out to approximately 50 hours per month / 12.50 hours per week if you would like to have your hours last for the full year.

What is Attendant Care? 

ATC is a service designed to help the family/member with personal care/housekeeping services that they need assistance with. ATC is for consumers that should have the ability to do certain things for themselves at their current age but are unable to do without total support. Examples: Cleaning their room, Washing their laundry, Bathing, Feeding themselves, Etc. Your DDD SC will complete an assessment for the service and what goals will be put in place. 

How can I bill my ATC hours?

ATC hours are typically outlined in your loved ones ISP (example: 4 hours per day, 12 hours per week, etc.). If outlined, hours should be billed in that manner.

Are any additional trainings required?

Providers must complete DDD mandated training classes that are in addition to other classes prior to providing any services. Providers must complete 6 hours of Continuing Education Credits annually

Where can ATC services be provided?

ATC must be provided in the members home

Do providers have to submit any data to Wee Care?

Providers must complete ATC tracking documents each pay period to support the services

Is there anything parents/guardians are required to do?

Parents/Guardians must meet with a Wee Care Field Supervisor every 90 days to complete an ATC review which is submitted to DDD to support the members services.

Can my respite provider care for my loved one while they are in the hospital?

No. If a member is admitted into the hospital, you may not bill any DDD authorized hours. This is considered fraudulent billing.

What is Habilitation?

Habilitation is defined as teaching member’s life skills (daily tasks that our consumers need additional support to learn).

Who decides on the goals?

Habilitation goals are decided on by the team which includesparents/guardians, providers and your DDD Support Coordinator during your loved one’s initial DDD meeting and then reviewed at every 90-day meeting.

Are there any goals that cannot be worked on?

Providers are not able to bill and track for educational goals.

Can my provider work on any goal that I ask them to?

A Habilitation Provider must work on the goals listed in the member’s ISP.

What is Hab Provider responsible for?

Attend ISP Meetings if available and requested by the family/guardian

Inform the team when a goal has been met

Inform the team when criteria for a goal needs a decrease/increase

Track accurate data during EACH session for the goals being worked on to ensure accurate data.

Complete a summary of the member’s progress at the end of every month

Submit accurate billing for each session that they work with your loved one. 

Produce a timesheet to the parent/guardian each pay period

Answer questions in regards to progress/regression

Assist with teaching strategies to be used with their consumer

Additional tasks as needed from the team

What is required of a provider?

Providers must have completed all required training classes including a Hab/PBS training.

Where are services allowed to be provided?

Hab must be provided in the member’s home and in the community (if the goals are applicable).

Are parents/guardians required to do anything?

Yes. Parents must review providers time sheets each pay period, initial each date of service if accurate and sign the time sheet. Parents should also provide any supplies needed for goals to be achieved.

Can Hab hours be billed while my loved one is in the hospital?

No. Providers may not NOT bill habilitation while a member is in the hospital.

How may we bill our Hab hours? 

Hab hours are typically outlined in your loved one’s ISP (example: 2 hours per day, 8 hours per week, etc.). If outlined, hours should be billed in that manner.


Do Providers have a dress code?

Yes. Providers should be dressed comfortably to work with members yet modestly and appropriate.

Can providers post photos or information about members on social media?

All providers must follow HIPPA guidelines. Parents/guardians may sign a media release form to be kept in the members file if they chose to.

Can my provider watch my other children while providing paid supports for my loved one?

Wee Care does NOT offer sibling care unless the sibling is with DDD. Care of members receiving DDD services is 1:1.

Are providers able to take my loved one to community activities? Therapy Appointments?

Many families ask their providers to take their loved ones into the community and/or to therapy appointments.

Wee Care will not allow, encourage or be party to ANY dangerous activities that can put a member or provider at risk of injury. Please be mindful of the activities that you ask a provider to do.

Providers must be approved to transport members and are required to go through vehicle inspections, Driver’s License report checks, etc.

Parents/Guardians should supply providers with the necessary admission fees/funds for paid activities that they are asking them to take their loved one to.

Please note that providers are not compensated by Wee Care for their mileage or vehicle maintenance. Therefore, it is often costly for the providers to transport members. If you are requesting your provider to transport, offering reimbursement or stipend is often helpful.

As per DDD guidelines, providers are NOT to transport members to and or from school.

How do I work out a schedule with my provider?

Upon interviewing with your provider, Wee Care suggests discussing the hours that you need and if the provider has the availability you need. Any changes to schedules by the family or the provider should be communicated directly with one another.

What if my provider is unable to work agreed upon hours?

If your provider is unable to provide respite or ATC support and you would like for Wee Care to send a back-up provider, please contact your Field Supervisor or our Emergency Line. If your provider is unable to provide Hab support, please discuss their next available time.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns with my provider (attendance, hours, services, appearance, etc.)?

Parents/guardians should maintain regular contact via phone, email or text with the Field Supervisor that oversees their loved one’s file. Field Supervisors should be checking in with you regularly to ensure that you are receiving the support that you/your loved one needs and addressing any concerns that you may have.

Should providers be on their cell phones while working with my loved one?

Wee Care recommends that providers turn their cell phone ringers off, do not text, browse or play games on their phones, only use it for emergencies, etc. However, at times providers do use their phones to set timers for goals, look up ideas, play music or use it as positive reinforcement. If you are concerned with the amount of time your provider is using their phone, please discuss it with them or contact your Field Supervisor.

Do providers have to submit any reports at any time?

In addition to Hab Data Tracking and/or ATC tracking each pay period, providers are required to submit Incident Reports in the event of accidents, injuries, inappropriate behaviors, abuse, neglect, etc. Providers are mandatory reporters; therefore, they must submit Incident Reports to Wee Care for review. Wee Care will then submit those reports to the appropriate parties if necessary.

Can someone other than a parent/guardian sign the provider time sheets?

No. Only a parent/guardian may sign and authorize hours.

Can my providers sign my name on their time sheet with my permission?

No. This is considered forgery. Forgery is never tolerated. It is a federal crime and can be prosecuted.  

Can a provider submit hours that they didn’t work?

No. That is considered fraudulent billing. This includes changing dates to other dates, entering billing for time before it occurs, etc.

Can my providers dispense medication?

Providers are not authorized to dispense behavior modifying medications.

Can my providers work more than 40 hours?

No. Providers are able to work up to 40 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday). If you need additional support, please contact your Field Supervisor.

Should my providers involve me in any concerns they are having with Wee Care?

No. It is a provider’s responsibility to communicate with Wee Care and not involve families with their employment concerns. Providers are responsible to maintain their compliance, submit their data tracking and billing hours. Failure to do so can mean that their paycheck is delayed or their ability to provide support can be suspended.

Please note, providers must submit data tracking and monthly summaries to justify the service hours to DDD which is why Wee Care is strict on this. It is to protect the member’s services.   

Are there additional supports available to families through Wee Care?

Field Supervisors are dedicated to supporting the families/members. They are able to attend DDD meetings, collaborate on goals/strategies, advocate for additional supports and guide families through the process.

Things to consider when trying to match with and/or retain a provider for my loved one?

Are you asking them to transport often or far? This is costly for providers as they are not reimbursed for mileage/gas.

Are there enough hours for the provider? For many providers, working two hours or less per shift is not preferred.

Are the hours consistent? The majority of providers count on their hours as this is their means of employment. Therefore, frequent cancellations or “as needed” may cause a provider to seek other clients or positions elsewhere.

Are you asking them to watch siblings? Providers are expected to care for their assigned member 1:1. Caring for others can deter their attention and focus. 

Are you providing an area for the provider to work with your loved one without distraction and frustration? Often providers struggle to work on Hab Goals with their members as siblings, friends, TV’s, etc. are distracting to them and at times will result in refusal to work on goals and/or behaviors.

From all of us,

Thank you

On behalf of Wee Care and all of our staff, we look forward to being a part of your family and are here to assist and support you!

We are on YOUR Team!

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