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My Story

My Name is Lexi Donnel! When I was a baby my eyes would get stuck, kind of like I was looking at my nose. They call this cross eyed! My doctor thought I had Neuroblastoma. That is another word for a brain tumor. My mommy prayed and prayed and instead of a brain tumor I ended up with a few other things. None of them would take me away from my Family.

I don't have many words, sometimes I get frustrated and I pick on people, but I love to share hugs and kisses. My little brother says I am Austistic! He really means Autistic. He says he is Ticable! That means typical- that means he is like the other kids! Whatever we both are we have been chosen for a wonderful Journey that most other families don't get to make! You may have been chosen for this journey just like us!

A few years ago my Mommy could not find a provider to come help with me. We waited on a list for a year with no phone calls, not even one. My Mommy was a provider for other Children and got to know some other Moms that needed help too! So, my Mommy decided to open a company to search for help for us and other Families. My Speech Therapist also asked my Mommy if she would buy her clinic, it was called Southwest Speech Services. Of course we wanted too! Over the years our Company grew and grew and we do so much more than Speech! We do Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy and Habilitation, Respite and Attendant Care. We love to help Families like us! We even have a lot of Special Families that work with us in our Company! We always welcome new Families and Providers as we love to create special bonds between people. If you would like to find out more information about our Company or about Being one of our Friends give us a call!

Love, Alexis Donnel

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