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Respite Duties will include but are not limited to: Transport to and from Doctor’s visits, Dressing, Playing, Bathing, Feeding, Preparing Meals, Diaper Changes, Community Outings, Bedtime Routines, attend outings with families to assist with the consumer, Etc. 

Many families will need help with taking consumers to and from appointments and therapies and this is a part of services. HCBS Providers must have reliable transportation so they can assist with this task. 


ATC is a service designed to help the family with personal care/housekeeping services that a family needs assistance with. ANC is for a consumer that should have the ability to do certain things for themselves at their current age but are unable to do so without total support.

Examples Are: Cleaning their room, washing their laundry, taking a shower, feeding, etc. 


Life skills are daily task that we complete without assistance; our consumers need additional support to learn these tasks.

Habilitation providers may work anywhere from 1 to 5 hours per session with their consumer. The Habilitation Provider must track accurate data at each session on progress made by their consumer.


Jane will bathe with no more than 3 verbal cues by 1/10/2019.

Jane will tie her shoes without prompting by 1/10/2019.

Jane will feed herself while using appropriate utensils by 1/10/2019.

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